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It’s Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday!!!

Hello and happy summer! Just in time for the book launch for Return of the Evening Star comes one of my favorite reviews yet! From “Always In The Middle” on Marvelous Middle-Grade Monday came these kind words for which I am TRULY grateful! Thank you Greg, cheers and have a great week all!

“MY CRITIQUE: The sequel to the critically acclaimed BRIDGE OF THE GODS stands well on it’s own. The author does a superb job filling in what led to this Oregon town and young Chloe Ashton into such a dire situation.  While book one left many dangling plot points, book two covers them all and delivers the results in a glorious climatic finish. The prologue sets the stage: a conversation between constellations Cygnus and Scorpius about the dangers coming to Earth. From there the story is sure to challenge young readers. With many characters, both human and animal, along with a plot that emerges in different locales, this tale takes full concentration. The overriding theme is how everything and everyon…