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I was kind of blown away looking at some family albums the other day - my transformation from young adult to young parent to middle-aged coot was eye-opening. Looking at them I realized that before I completely calcified into old coot-hood I'd better decide want I really want out of life. At 52 it's now or never - time to kick everything into high gear or go down in a soft, boring pfffffft of grey hair and pain pills.

No thanks. I'm sick of that crap. I'm changing this.

I made a decision then to get better.

Now, I don't know what the future holds, but the present is kicking ass. I have been up and out of bed every day, and I feel GREAT. I keep moving, keep pushing myself, and then resting, but for shorter periods of time.

Things I used to think were unforgivably corny now turn out to be helpful and true. Schmaltzy sayings like "MOTION IS LOTION", or "USE IT OR LOSE IT". They really help. I am doing physical therapy every day, making sure I get…