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Showing posts from April 2, 2018

What Middle Age Crisis?

Big transformations are afoot. This week we are closing on the sale of our old house. Amazing timing, all of it. 1-2-3 it was time to go, and the universe helped us sail out the door.

So here we are - and loving it. I am so relaxed. I have not been this relaxed in 13 years. There is almost no noise here. No car stereos, no motorcycles, no trucks, no traffic, no drunk people, no people sleeping in their cars outside of my house, no Eagles Hall late night ragers, no partiers on their porches all night long. NONE. I can't believe it. I'm so happy. I forgot what living like this was like.

This new life totally rocks. Everything around here rocks! Portland is amazingly beautiful and cool - even after living here for so long I'm not over it. And the streets around here are just incredible, huge old trees, huge old houses, new developments that are pretty darned cool - I can't wait to buy myself a big old cruiser bike with an fat old lady padded comfort seat, and take rides …