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Hello again. I feel as though I've been on a trip - and that I've come back to a whole new life. Everything is different today - although much looks the same. I'm in the same bed, typing on the same computer, under the same blanket, looking at the same dresser....but the walls are different. The sounds are different. The feeling is worlds away from what it was. We've moved.

A week ago we had no idea were were about to move. We were deeply ensconced in our home of nearly 13 years, the home we own, on Market street, next to our dear neighbors and friends, at the foot of Mt. Tabor...and then suddenly, it was time to go. It's not a complete blindside, we have been teetering on the brink of moving for about ten years. We knew when we moved in that the busy street outside our front door would be an issue. And BOY has it. A never-ending, grinding, throbbing, pulsing, blasting, booming, screaming, ripping, roaring, horrendous issue. All day. All night. All week, year afte…