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Showing posts from January 6, 2018

Do Not Despair...

One person can make a difference, and today that person is someone named Paige Green. Her amazing review of Bridge of the Gods on Amazon has pulled me out of my pity-party, and put a grateful smile on my face. In fact, this is one of the central themes of my book - that friendship and comfort can be found, even in the darkest places. It's remarkable that this encouragement came when it did. Thank you dear Paige, you really made my day!

Her wonderful review: 

"When did we stop putting illustrations in books? When did we stop believing in things that live beyond the tree line of our yards? And when did we stop wishing for a big adventure into the unknown? These are some of the thoughts I had while reading this wonderful book! The first in its series, this book focuses on a young girl named Chloe who, in the wake of a tragedy and a kidnapping, finds things that she only thought existed in books. The book is absolutely extraordinary. The characters and creatures in this book come a…

The Narrow Road to Open Spaces

January 5th barely dawned at all. It's 9:15 am and as dark as it was at 4. It's raining too, but it's a relief - the trees of Oregon should not be parched in January.

Inside, I am glad for the rain, but also a little bit depressed today about a life of chronic pain. It's such a changeable landscape that sometimes it's hard to get a grasp on your own life, what it's for, why you're on this particular narrow road.

Instability is the definition of the condition, and it can mess with your mind. You go along, doing fairly well after some hard times, and with more movement, you naturally start making plans in your head. Now, I'm a realist, so the plans I make aren't too grand - they accommodate my limitations, work on keeping a PMA etc - but then suddenly, something just...tweaks. I've done nothing. My back just...injures itself, somehow. And the strange, confusing, painful cycle continues. And of course nobody really knows why. Three MRI's and n…