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Showing posts from December 10, 2017

Party Of One

The clean time. The all-too-short time in Portland, Oregon when the air is cold and crisp, and the wind blows all of fall's dust away. The last leaves whirled away a week ago, and the trees reach their bare wands into the sky, which is much bigger now. The sky at this time of year is made of the most beautiful colors you can imagine. The softest pinks, blushes and peachy apricots, lilacs and periwinkles - it's a magical, delicious palette, at dusk and at sunrise, which are only hours apart. To me, the darkness of winter is friendly, a place of respite from the raging human world. The nine month summer we experience here now since climate change is a relentless burn, and people react badly to heat and sunshine. They rev up their own noise - pumping out their stereos with open windows, tons and tons of construction, yard work, loud sales and car washes, loud bike events, loud concerts, loud EVERYTHING. I hate it. 

Winter is nature's time to rest, and mine. The crows are da…