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Decency Will Only Be A Word In Their Vocabulary

What the frak. This is no science fiction story. This is real. And it is absolutely mind-blowing, terrifying, surreal - and a lot like Battlestar Galactica. I just don't even recognize this world we live in. Do you?

That little girl I was in the 70's - the one learning what was 'right', what was 'wrong', what was considered shameful, or what was a measure of excellence - she's disoriented, and disconsolate. There ARE no real rules anymore - all pretense of courtesy, education, and a greater understanding are gone, it seems there are no more real adults, only greedy children buying bigger and better gadgets with no thought to the consequences, and we hurtle towards....a kind of "rapture" we brought on ourselves. Whether it's an AI revolution which seems inevitable now, or a foreign invasion or a nuclear war - I didn't really think I would …