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Showing posts from October 12, 2017


October has a whole new meaning. Since I learned that BOG won the Silver Moonbeam Children's Book award I have a special new feeling for October. It is now as it should be - it is October the rich, the ripe, the plentiful - it is all autumnal abundance and merry making, festive feasts and goblets filled with the magical honey mead made in Fairfax. It is a table set by Mrs. Goodweather herself with white linen and pewter dishes filled with fruit and roasted vegetables, pies of every kind, jams, chutneys, and long braided loaves of bread. The smell of rosemary and sage is in the air, mixed with the spices of currants and cardamom, lemons and cinnamon. It is a magical time, and it is a magical time for my little book to win such an honor.

In the past October was always hi-jacked by Halloween. Just as I would finally be escaping the late-summer heat and noise of the city, anticipating the rain, the quiet, and a very cozy fall ahead - that's when horrible zombies and giant spiders…