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Reviews Most Welcome!!!

Five days post-publish and I am settling in to the rhythm of "what's next". At the top of my list  - get reviews! In this modern world reviews can make or break a book, a movie, a restaurant. In the age of google and yelp I myself rely on reviews to give me a more honest look at what I'm purchasing, and as a consumer I truly appreciate them. As a new author I rely on them! If you have read my debut novel "Bridge of the Gods" and liked it - please do take a moment to leave a review, it means the world, and I would love to thank anyone who does so by sending them a gift. 💗 I would love to make some original art and send it along with my gratitude to anyone who leaves a review on Amazon,, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, or anywhere else, and who chooses to send me their address. If you are interested in receiving some original art by me - simply send me a link to your review at, and your street address and I will quickly send yo…