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Why I Want To Be Haley Mills's Triplet

Ah, 1961. What a landmark year - first human in space (Yuri Gagarin, followed by Alan Shepard), the Peace Corps is created, the horrific Freedom Riders case tests a critical Supreme Court decision, the Berlin Wall is begun, and on a lighter note IBM introduces the golf ball typewriter (remember those?! So high tech at the time!)! Oh, and one of my favorite movies was made - Walt Disney's original "The Parent Trap".

This is one of those movies that for me that is the perfect fantasy. The perfect escape into a world I'd love to spend a little time in. I emphasize the word "little" because I don't really fancy living my whole life as a woman in 1961, but dropping in from time to time, especially in a world of cool, beach-side California ranches, high desert lake-side camps deep in the pines, and cocktails on the patio, would be fantastic!

In Disney's original film (I have no desire to see the remake) we are introduced to Mitch Ever's Monterey Ranc…