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Showing posts from July 25, 2017

Creating the Worlds I Want

Hello all, it's another gorgeous summer day in Portland - one of those cool, fresh mornings with a slight marine haze that reminds me of the Santa Monica of my youth. When the haze burns off the day is revealed, fresh and golden and deliciouus - that is until it gets too hot for the Oregonian me and I retreat into the house until dusk. But these summer mornings are truly incredible - the stuff you dream about in deep winter. Because I am still totally limited by back pain, I mostly stick around the house, with brief forays into the world a couple of times a week. This means many, many days and hours stuck in a very small house with a very small yard. It has resulted in more than a few disappointments this summer - not the least of which are all the activities one would do to promote their new book!

We are exactly three weeks away from publication and I've been invited to be INTERVIEWED ON KBOO! And sadly I've had to reschedule. But, hopefully in August I will feel good en…