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Showing posts from July 13, 2017

Forever Mesmerized

August 15th is approaching at a breathtaking pace! Now that we're in the final stretch things are starting to happen and my heart is wildly fluttering every time I open my email, not knowing what in the world I will find there this time!

Yesterday it was a collection of BEAUTIFUL, magical memes from the wonderful Sparkpoint Studio - thank you SO much Kristin Bustamante, and to Morgan Rath and Crystal Lee Patriarch - your publicity team is working wonders!

It's amazing and nerve wracking to see your art released into the wild. I've experienced this feeling before when I've displayed my art in various places, but a book is a different experience in that it involves so many words, so many ways to miss the mark - I really didn't know what to expect from critics or reviewers, or from children (and I still can't wait to hear what the children think!!!).

This week's inbox was full of surprises. First, I got the news that "Bridge of the Gods was included in P…