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Showing posts from May 29, 2017

The Little Things

I've been slightly remiss of late, neglecting this blog. This happens every so often, when I am either too busy to do any creative projects or writing - or - there really isn't anything worth sharing. I mean, there's always something, I can usually expostulate for quite some time on anything that comes to mind, but this time around I was too depressed. Because of my recent back pain and still being bed-ridden after four weeks. I literally haven't done anything worth writing about, and I've been scared and depressed, and... I just couldn't do it.  But now - I am feeling a tiny bit better. And that my friends, is everything. When you are down, and I mean really down - either immobilized by pain, or diagnosed with something really serious, or if you've had a life-changing physical or emotional blow - the smallest things mean the world. And that is what you learn - something so simple, it's almost boring. Something so basic that you laugh self-consciously,…