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My Imaginary Friends

It is not uncommon for a child to have an imaginary friend or playmate during those formative years when creativity is at the forefront of our brains. We instinctively seek understanding and companionship from our real-life circle of friends and family, and sometimes what we get back - is just not enough. It's nobody's fault - after all, who can compete with an imaginary, practically-perfect friend? They don't argue. They don't betray you. They don't compete with you, they don't even annoy you! Imaginary friends make the wittiest conversation, or if you prefer, they are perfectly quiet and agreeable. Of course they can't actually skip rope with you, throw you a ball, or give you a high-five or anything like that - and you can't actually talk to them - at least not out loud around other do have their limitations. But in a pinch, or in a particularly creative phase, they can be very satisfying friends indeed.

I had my own imaginary fri…