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Throw Your Heart Over

The year is 1981, I'm 15 years old and still completely crazy for horses. I don't know it at the time, but it's the last year of my long childhood. Always a late bloomer, it will be another 9 months before I discover punk rock and boys, and abandon my childhood dreams of being on the United States Equestrian Team.

 At this very moment I'm almost living the dream - I'm riding a golden Tennessee Walker horse named Magic over 3' foot jumps, in a small arena tucked away in the Eugene foothills. The place is Scarborough Fair Acres, and I'm a student there - under the watchful (and often baleful) eye of my riding teacher, known to everyone simply as "Teach".

 I'm desperate to do well, and I work hard. This is my passion - and to me it's everything. It's extremely difficult, but it's not work in my opinion, it's pure pleasure. When I was very small I was afraid of horses, mostly because my mom and I lived for a time in a tipi right i…