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Showing posts from April 10, 2017

New York, New York!

Catharsis. The journey has begun - literally. I am to travel to New York City next month to accompany my book to the Book Expo of America, as a guest of the She Writes Press author table. I never thought this would happen!

No matter what happens with the book - or doesn't happen - this trip is a reward in itself. It's exactly the scenario I would have dreamed up for myself if I were dreaming really big - it's a scenario I have dreamed for myself, but never thought it would be a reality. In fact, it's kind of like those dreams I still have about going back to camp, or travelling again as a student. Those years of my life were such fun, and I didn't know it then but rare - experiences where everything is new, fresh, exciting, and you have a group to take care of you and tell you where to go. I miss those trips we'd take on a bus all together, to some beautiful chateau where we'd take a tour and then have sandwiches on the gravel drive, laughing and having th…