Not Just For Athletes

I never thought this would happen - I certainly felt past my medal-winning days, if they ever existed. I thought medals were only for athletes, for sports stars - for young, fit, aggressive and competitive folks, not middle-aged mothers suffering from chronic back pain! I never, ever thought at 51 years old that I could win one.

I suppose it's proof of a couple of things:

1. It's never too late.
2. Bookworms can win medals too.
3. Words are truly mightier than the sword (or the body).

Words are amazing things. They are extremely powerful, beyond what we even comprehend, really, in that they live on past our lifetimes, and interact with people we'll never meet. Those slender lines scratched onto a page, which seem so innocuous when first written - are strong enough to project your spirit into the entire world. They seem so insignificant at first - no more than ink on paper, or pixels on a page - and yet they carry enough weight and impact that they can sally forth to compete in grand competitions on your behalf. You don't have to train, you don't even sweat - you really don't even have to be able to walk!  It's miraculous, really, and it feels like being weightless. For once my body doesn't factor in at all - it ceases to be a liability, and that is incredibly liberating!

You can write, no matter what your physical condition. Your words have no handicaps. In fact, they live a pretty glamorous life without you. They wake up early, put on their best outfit and take a jet across country. They attend meetings, conventions, and make phone calls. Your words network for you with a glass of champagne while you're home watching The Bronte Sisters bio-pic on Hulu. Your words work hard on your behalf, and... sometimes they come home with a prize fluttering from their lapel.

You're never too old. Untouched by age, your voice stays the same when you're writing. There is no hesitancy, no crack, no uncertain warble - your written voice is strong and steady, unwavering, decisive, and clear. It is your spirit being expressed in one of its clearest forms. So write! Even if you're very young, very old, or anywhere in the middle - write it down. There is no other perspective quite like yours, so you're already ahead. You're unique, and everyone is interested. And a special bonus - it's fun.

Now - my next question is - this envelope is so magical, and the certificate too - do you think I could use this to get into Hogwarts? Are you ever too old for that? I could apply as a non-traditional student, or take continuing education classes or night school. Night school at Hogwarts would be awesome!

xoxo Happy Tuesday everyone!