August Arrivals and September Celebrations!

Late summer bounty. A brand-new, ripe-for-the-picking garden has bloomed on my doorstep - the BOOKS ARE HERE!

One blazing hot day last week I unexpectedly received The Box. I thought it would come the following week, but when the postal carrier said, "It's kind of heavy..." I knew instantly what it was. Sure enough, I slit the tape, eagerly pulled back the cardboard flaps and there they were - 50 copies of my book lay there shyly smiling at me.

I reached forward, numbly - and halted. What if there was a typo on the cover, on the first page...or worse still and my darkest fear - what if I sent them the wrong version and they published it - I can barely look.

I forced myself to pick one out. It's hot to the touch. It was 100 degrees outside and I realized they had been sitting in a van for god knows how long. I hope they aren't melted! Numbness turned to panic. 

Of course they aren't melted. In fact they are more beautiful than I thought they could be. The cover is finer than the galley cover was. The paper inside is finer, the printing clearer. I love them, and I'm so happy. I ran right over to the bookshelves and shelved one next to L. Frank Baum. A little audacious, but he probably wouldn't mind.

So as we all know I've been struggling with my back - such acute pain and instability that it makes it hard to walk, sit, or stand. I've been feeling better lately thank goodness, but still vulnerable, and today - depressingly, I took a little turn for the worse. Today I'm even having trouble lying down without pain. Totally sucks, BUT - I'm hoping today is anomaly and tomorrow will be better, and then better still. It's never a straight line this healing thing. So, that said - I'm hoping to have a book launch party in the next few weeks - probably somewhere around the first or second week of September!

Now, because bookstores book their events months in advance and I haven't felt well enough to schedule anything until now, I missed the window for a traditional launch event around the publication day. I don't want to wait months, so I'm going to change things up a little - I'm going to have a "soft" launch in September at a fun food and drink establishment, and another event at a bookstore later on, probably with a focus on the kiddos.

At the first event I will have a few books (maybe only ten at most) available for sale directly from myself, but it is more an opportunity for those who have pre-ordered or bought them elsewhere to come say hi, and get them signed! Let's celebrate together, even if I can only stay an hour. I haven't seen some of you in so long, it will be a party just to see your faces and raise a glass.

Stay tuned for deets, but my first choice of venue is the beautiful "Sweet Hereafter" on Belmont st. This place is gorgeous and has the MOST DELICIOUS food in the world, plus the best beer. A sweet back room and patio mean we can all hang out and have a little fun! Woot! I'll keep you all updated as I know more about exact days and times.  

Note: The Sweet Hereafter does allow minors until 8pm, so feel free to bring them along - keeping in mind that I will have a completely kid-friendly event as soon as possible. :)

Meanwhile, I'm so thrilled about the publicity that has come in so far - it's wonderful, but a little overwhelming too - I just hope the book stands up to the hype. I'm so grateful it's being well-received, it truly is a dream come true to hear from publications such as "Working Mother" who so kindly wrote:

"For the mom who needs to gift her middle grader with a summer read so she has the peace and silence to indulge in her own, Bridge of the Gods is your answer. " -- Working Mother

I hope the working mothers (and fathers!) out there give it a read as well - I think there is a little Chloe Ashton in all of us. xoxoxo