54 Days

Only 54 days to go until the book is published and released into the wild!!! August 15th isn't far away!

I was feeling pretty anxious about it until about a week ago when after a long spell of waiting my inbox was suddenly filled with a whirlwind of book-related activity. It's countdown time and the publicity engine is revving up its gears, sending the Advanced Readers Copies out for reviews, and trying to place other pieces I've written on different blogs around the country, to generate interest in the book. Plus with publication so close there are final approvals to be made - like for the cover for instance. Which looks so beautiful, I'm kind of breathless.

But my favorite of all the messages this week was on Monday. "Great news to start off your week with" cheered my publicist Morgan, and with that she promptly made my day. My week, month, my year. She was referring to the good review Bridge of the Gods received from Kirkus.

“This middle-grade debut finds an audacious child — with a knack for bonding with animals — thrown into peril by her scheming uncle. In this appealing novel, Rios writes with an abiding love of nature, illustrating in scene after scene the power people may draw from it…An engaging adventure that shows the strength that can be discovered amid tragedy.”
— Kirkus Reviews  

OMG can I tell you how relieved I am?! This means everything to me - I'm not ashamed to admit it! Honestly I had no idea where I stood in the world of writing, and to a certain extent I still don't, but at least I can feel somewhat relieved in knowing I'm not a total imposter. I can do it. And I can learn and do it better. This really was the first actual feedback I've gotten from anyone besides my editor, and my mom. :) Click here for the longer review and a great synopsis of the book! 

So now I'm really looking forward to it getting out there - If any of you have a local bookstore you'd like to see carry it, just ask them to order it, they'll know how and they are usually glad to do it! And if any of you do see the book somewhere, feel free to send me a pic, it would be the thrill of a lifetime for me to see!  xoxoxoxo