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Thank You, Richard Adams

It's a hard day. Two shocking deaths in one day, in a year full of shocking deaths.
Today we lost Carrie Fisher, who I loved for her amazingly funny and insightful writing, and of course for being Princess Leia, and such a big part of my early childhood. 60 years old is far too young, especially from my own newly-50-year-old point of view. She had made it through some very hard times, and it seemed like her life was starting all over again. I feel terribly for her mother Debbie Reynolds, they were very close. I have Carrie's biography "Wishful Drinking", it is SO funny, she really was a rare wit. And a really good actress - do yourself a favor and re-watch "When Harry Met Sally" - Carrie plays Meg Ryan's best friend and she is fantastic. So gorgeous, and so funny!!!

The other death is a shock for a different reason. Richard Adams died. :( The author of one of my most influential books of all time - "Watership Down". And two others almost as i…