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Bridge of the Gods

Pssst: I will let you all in on something that has been developing for the past six months - I'm publishing my book! I have written a novel for middle readers-to-adult called "Bridge of the Gods". It is a fantasy set on the Oregon coast, in 1908. Chloe Ashton lives in Fairfax, a small fishing town. She is an only child living with her wealthy merchant parents, and spends happy days exploring the forests around her home. One terrible day her life changes forever, and Chloe is thrown out into the world to be sold by vagabonds. Although terrified, Chloe is not alone.  She makes friends with a white rat named Shakespeare, and meets a talking mare named Greybelle. And it's not only the animals who help Chloe, nature herself takes a hand. It is still an ancient land of primeval forces - the trees, mountains, rivers, and animals all remember a time before man started chopping down the trees and making roads. They resent the death and destruction waged in the name of progre…