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Showing posts from January 31, 2016

It's ALL About Perspective

Hello again. A rare day when a new blog post appears, usually along with some kind of apology and a declaration of re-commitment, followed by another long silence. This time I will not make such a declaration, because of course that only sets me up for "failure" when there is no such thing as failure, at least in the blogging world. You write, or you don't. No biggie. Sometimes life is just to be lived, not always photographed, or written about.

Today's post was inspired once again by food. And by aging. And by Buddhism, if you can believe that. Quite the trifecta. Which of course, it is. Food = life. Aging IS life, and Buddhism...well, it inspires an inner life which is just as important, if not more so. I am not a Buddhist per se, but I have been reading about it and listening to some talks, and I really like what it is all about. I like meditation. I like listening to my own thoughts, without judgement, I like the peace and safety I find there. I like how I feel …