Bridge of the Gods

Pssst: I will let you all in on something that has been developing for the past six months - I'm publishing my book! 
I have written a novel for middle readers-to-adult called "Bridge of the Gods". It is a fantasy set on the Oregon coast, in 1908. Chloe Ashton lives in Fairfax, a small fishing town. She is an only child living with her wealthy merchant parents, and spends happy days exploring the forests around her home. One terrible day her life changes forever, and Chloe is thrown out into the world to be sold by vagabonds. Although terrified, Chloe is not alone.  Foggy forestShe makes friends with a white rat named Shakespeare, and meets a talking mare named Greybelle. And it's not only the animals who help Chloe, nature herself takes a hand. It is still an ancient land of primeval forces - the trees, mountains, rivers, and animals all remember a time before man started chopping down the trees and making roads. They resent the death and destruction waged in the name of progress. But it is a race against time in Fairfax. A new hospital is being built, and the people and animals of the land are getting their first glimpse of the speeding ambulances which are tearing down the roads, scaring folks out of their wits. Soon people start disappearing, 
I'll just leave it there for the moment. I'm still polishing my synopsis-writing skills. You don't want to reveal too much or you ruin the surprise of reading the book, but you want enough detail to tantalize. Believe me, there is a LOT more - it's a magical story with lots of action, and with an emphasis on the transformative power of nature. Old nature. Ancient nature. Deep, natural magic that shakes the stones and makes the skies erupt in fire. Good stuff!!! ;)
The book will actually be two books - the original manuscript was over 400,000 words, so the publisher decided it should be two. So glory be, the sequel is already written!!! How amazing is that?! I am really, really thrilled this is happening!
1typewirterLet me tell you about the publisher. First of all it's a self-publishing company, for women. It's called "She Writes Press", and they do amazing work! Their mission is to support the authors, period. Here is how it came about, from their website:
"She Writes Press was founded by Kamy Wicoff and Brooke Warner in 2012 as a response to the barriers to traditional publishing getting higher and higher for authors. Kamy's online community "She Writes" had been founded on the principle of connecting and serving women writers everywhere, offering a community for established and aspiring writers.Brooke had been the Executive Editor at Seal Press for eight years, and was witnessing firsthand the contracting publishing environment, where she personally was having to reject beautifully written books on a regular basis because the submitting author didn't have a strong enough author platform. Kamy and Brooke envisioned a company where authors would be invited to publish based on the merit of their writing alone. they wanted to found a press for women writers that would be a platform - that could launch their writing careers, and where they could legitimately compete with their traditional counterparts." 
It was really a fluke of luck that I found them - my dear mom went on a retreat for a few days, and happened to meet Brooke Warner. Of course being my supportive mother she told Brooke all about my book and Brooke suggested I submit it to them. So, I did, and they reviewed my manuscript. When they do this they first decide if it's publishable material, and if it is, then they put it on a certain track to publication.
 My track was #3, the one that needs the most work, lol. It's the one where they match you with an editor, and then you work closely with that editor, 5,000 words at a time, through the book. My editor is the best!!!! Her name is Annie Tucker and I love her. She is so smart, and has the best eye, and is just exactly what I needed to make the story shine. It is my first novel, after all, and it certainly has its clumsy, repetitive bits, and after four years of writing it, I really needed fresh eyes. So Annie and I talk every week, and she goes over the week's edits with me, and then I do them, and send them back to her. We are now 8 weeks away from being finished with the first book, and then we talk about the publication. 
YAY!!!! I can't wait to see what the cover will look like!!!!!!! 2books
They work with a major distribution company so I do know that it will be available on amazon as both a paperback and an e-book, and it will be carried at Powell's City of Books which thrills me no end!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bucket list.
And it wouldn't be possible without the help of my mom. Thanks mom!!!!!! xoxoxoxoxo
So stay tuned for more developments - I will have some sort of "book release" party, and you are all invited!!! 
xoxoxoxo DR


Stephilius said…
Big congratulations, dear Diane - how exciting!
Diane said…
Thank you sweet Stephilius!!! I haven't allowed myself any excited hyperventilation or even a public mention of it so far because there was SO much work still to do, but it's nearly here and I'm starting to get terribly excited!!! I'll do the big reveal on facebook in a few weeks - it still feels a teensy bit premature. Maybe after that first big call regarding the contract. That would be a good time to really announce it far and wide!!! But for now....eeeeeeek! Yay!!!!!!! xoxoxoxo