It's ALL About Perspective

Hello again. A rare day when a new blog post appears, usually along with some kind of apology and a declaration of re-commitment, followed by another long silence. This time I will not make such a declaration, because of course that only sets me up for "failure" when there is no such thing as failure, at least in the blogging world. You write, or you don't. No biggie. Sometimes life is just to be lived, not always photographed, or written about.

Today's post was inspired once again by food. And by aging. And by Buddhism, if you can believe that. Quite the trifecta. Which of course, it is. Food = life. Aging IS life, and Buddhism...well, it inspires an inner life which is just as important, if not more so. I am not a Buddhist per se, but I have been reading about it and listening to some talks, and I really like what it is all about. I like meditation. I like listening to my own thoughts, without judgement, I like the peace and safety I find there. I like how I feel after I meditate, and how it brings a calmness to my entire day. I like how meditation seems to evaporate anxiety, inadvertently creates compassion for others, which is something I really need sometimes. I am often overwhelmed by this noisy, childish, aggressive town, and I carry that anger around with me. Meditation helps me see the bigger picture.

As for aging: I'm turning 50 in July. My child is 18 and is moving out this summer. People I know are dying, people who are my mother's age, now in their late 60's and early 70's, are dying in droves. Although my 15 years of being vegan have helped me stay young in many ways, I do feel more vulnerable in others. My body is thinner and bonier, and more sensitive than it was even ten years ago, I bruise easily, and I am starting menopause. My hair is thinner too, and sometimes when I look at photos of myself I notice how much like an "old lady" I am becoming. :)

All of these things change your life perspective, and I wanted to write about it because far from feeling bad, or scary, or depressing.... it feels REALLY REALLY GOOD. :) Truly! Because of my vegan life-style, I never get sick. Never. Not a cold, not a sore throat, not the flu, nothing. And I used to get bronchitis every single year at least once, AND the flu. Every year. Sometimes twice! I've had the flu so many times, with fevers and delerium, body aches, vomiting, the whole bit....but not for ten years now. Even though my body is a bit more "frail" in some ways than it was as a robust 20 something with tons of energy who could lift guitar amps and drum kits in and out of vans and basements for is actually stronger. And more in synch with itself. Back then when I ate sugar and white flour, meat and dairy, I drank and young body was full of toxins. I had a layer of fat and pimples galore, and I got sick all the time. I coughed my way through every winter, and I was often very depressed.

But no more. Now, 20 years later, I feel light, healthy, strong, energized...even if I do look like a little old lady in photographs. That's going to happen whatever I do, so I'm not going to worry about it. I'm just going to be grateful that I feel so good, look so much better, and still alive. The bottom line is: as far as I can tell a vegan diet + daily meditation = health and happiness. So that feels pretty important, and it's why I wanted to write again. I'm going to try to put down more delicious, tried-and-true vegan recipes so they are accessible in one place. A friend of my daughter's has just gone vegan and needs inspiring recipes, so this blog can be a resource for her, if not for others.

So - happy weekend, happy cooking, and happy life to all my fellow humans. We all want the same thing: love. (and delicious food). xoxoxo


The original recipe is here: Vegan Loaded Blueberry Muffins

I don't want to eat ANY sugar or white flour if I can help it, so I substituted stevia powder and maple syrup for sugar and used half and half whole wheat flour and spelt flour for their all-purpose white. After making these blueberry bombs I wondered why anyone would ever bake a muffin without jam on top?
Happy baking, and eating!