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Castaway Gold - song by Diane Rios

Well the road rolls West
heading straight to the sea
taking only the best
Forgivable fear
manifests in the beauty and sudden relenting
I'm 20 years old
Castaway Gold.

The road rolls North
Aligning itself
under stars coming forth
The darkness is clean
and the chill makes you tremble with anticipation
I'm 40 years old
Castaway Gold.

Time changes as you roll down the road
Is it the future or are you getting old
Is that your vision or is your vision growing cold
You see, what you mean to me
Is all I want to be.

Now the road rolls East
Remembering well
that last November feast
The hero who told
all the glorious stories in song and in rhythm
He wasn't alone
Castaway Gold.

Then the road rolled South
The breeze tastes of apples
inside of my mouth
The sun warms my skin
and your arms are around me, no words to be spoken
You tighten your hold
Castaway Gold.

(song by me)