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Showing posts from September 20, 2014

Holy Halston!

Wow, check this out...Halston is on the Love Boat! Surrounded by a bevy of disco divas, no less. And he plays himself, because let's face it, Halston is no actor. But I guess that that could be said about a lot of Love Boat passengers. One notable exception is Anne Baxter who is also inexplicably aboard. (Anne-freaking-Baxter!! Eve! Eve is on the Love Boat!)

It's a fashion-face-off-kind-of-cruise with several other top designers of the day such as Gloria Vanderbuilt, Geoffrey Beene and Bob Mackie on board! There's even a runway show around the pool!

Hm, let's see. What could possibly be missing from this 80's dream-cruise? Oh, that's right. Mclean Stevenson??!!!

And look who I found on a different cruise!