Pferde in the Red Room

Some of my most treasured possessions are my vintage children's books, and among those my vintage children's horse books, and among those my vintage foreign language children's horse books. I have shelves full of french children's books which I will share in another post, but these in German and Swedish really catch my imagination. Probably something to do with the fact I can't understand them, and how
I love the look of the words and the unfamiliar punctuation. I do know that one of them is the classic "Black Stallion" by Walter Farley which I've read in English a hundred times, as well as all the others in that series. I've never seen it in Swedish before! Evidently "Hasttamajaran" means "Black Stallion" in Swedish which could come in handy one day, you never know.

I know that "Pferde" is "Horses" in German, that much is obvious. This huge black and white photo book of German horses and poetry published in the 1960's is a treasure, even if I can't read it. It looks beautiful and feels beautiful, the old paper is lovely.   

All of these beauties came from my time working in the foreign language section at Powell's, along with my trusty, kind and tres intersants companions Mr. Sam Cannon of the German/Japonese/Native American/Urdu section, Mr. Stephen Strausbaugh of the enormous, comprehensive Spanish section, Debby Garman of the Italian/Linguistics/Sign Language section and Mr. Gary Davis of the Russian section, and our cher chef, the manager of the Red Room.

Those were the fun days when a silver-bearded Chris Faatz would wave a cheery hello from the info desk and a newly-shaved-headed, torn-t-shirted Chad Van Winkle would give me a cheeky glare from across the aisle in Religion. A dapper Dave Adamshick might stop by on his eternal quest for email orders and perhaps Seth the MOD would take a minute to show me a new dance move. Sigh.

A lot of us have moved on, and I miss those beautiful, exciting days in the Red Room, quietly shelving my french books and planning the next display. And let me tell you, you can make marvelous displays with books! And so much better when there are OLD books, ancient books, books from the 70's, books from the 40's, from the 1800's, and in the foreign language section,..sometimes from the 1700's! I wish I could drop by once in a while and just make a display. Actually, I wish that for many of my jobs in my past, from the vintage clothing store "Old Friends" I worked four years at making the funnest displays of my life (a whole other post), to the World Forestry Center and their sparkling little gift shop, to Powell's and it's stacks and stacks of incredible surprises. Like the ultimate book market, all at my fingertips to arrange and rearrange to my satisfaction. Now that I work at home I must satisfy my need for display in my own home. Which I am doing. I really ought to have someone come over to appreciate it, it's very cute. But I do miss my old friends and all of the wonderful sections at Powell's that I worked in.
Bonjour, mes amis a Powell's! I am thinking of you!

xoxoxoxo bisoux a tous!!!