The Zen of Kittens

Well, we only get to say this once every twenty years or so, but... WE HAVE A NEW KITTEN!

Welcome little...Chakra? That's what happens when the teenager names the cat. It's all tapestries and groovy insense in that cluttered little room of hers, so no wonder her new furry roommate is named Chakra. I guess I'm just glad she didn't name it Patchouli.

The little baby is sooo sweet. Such a happy go lucky guy who is all purrs and little piping mews. He is chock full of energy (chakra-full of energy?) and if you've ever had a kitten you know how they suddenly explode, zipping across the room, veering crazily here and there for no apparent reason, other than they are filled with kitten rocket fuel and just can't contain it!  Hilarious!!!

It's all the more note-worthy that this baby is such a happy boy because of where he came from. My daughter found him and his brother, trapped in a shopping cart on the street. There was a cardboard "lid" over the shopping cart creating kind of a squalid cage where the poor babies were crouched, filthy and scared. My brave girl and her BFF took the kittens out and brought them to the friends' house. Then we got The Call asking "can we keep him?"

We said yes. His brother was adopted out to another friend, the kittens were bathed and welcomed into their new warm, clean, loving, fun, happy households. And ours is made all the happier by his hilarious, adorable little presence. 

Pets are a blessing. Their innocent, trusting souls give us just as much as we give them. Thier unasuming company demands nothing more than respect and love (and lots of Fancy Feast). We in turn get emotional support, entertainment, excersize, and a different way of looking at the world, with no technology involved to get in the way of a real, honest experience.

Guess our chakras are all in line 'cause we are feeling the zen love. Of kittens.