Welcome Back Thomas Haden Church

Recently I re-watched the film "Sideways" and enjoyed it even more than the first time I saw it. It is Paul Giamatti in one of his best roles, and a fantastic (and sadly, unique) vehicle for the many charms of Thomas Haden Church. As I watched the movie again I delighted in Church's easygoing, laid-back, non-ego-driven performance. What a great guy! I kept thinking. Such a perfect role for him, I wold love to see more of him. Where has he been? Someone ought to give THC his own show.

Fast forward to 2013 and the incredible movie "Whitewash." Just out on netflix it is the film where THC finally gets his due.

Although some might say this film is reminiscent of other recent set-in-the-snow thrillers such as FX's "Fargo", or Adrian Brody's great turn in "Wrecked", I say this film stands out -- in any crowd. Although his character is a different man than the sunny, sexy best-friend-on-a-bender he played in Sideways, you could still say this guy has a lot in common with that guy. This guy is that guy with a few bad choices under his belt. Church's same laid-back, endearing qualities come through in this role, even though the circumstances are extremely dire, making him the kind of "villain" you root for.

A fantastic screenplay and great direction, full of surprising twists and creative character development. Plus, it's as suspenseful as it gets.

So glad to see THC back in the biz, older, craggier, but better than ever!