My goodness, where to begin?

Bless me bloggers, for I have sinned. It's been over two years since my last post. I have no idea how to do a Hail Mary so this post will have to be my penance and retribution, combined.

Can I just say, HELLO DARLINGS! It is so nice to be writing non-fiction for a change. This past two years I have been doing nothing but writing the novel. And writing the novel is hard. And engrossing, and completely demanding of all of my creative attention, for years! Almost three years, to be exact. Happily, I am nearly at the end. Well, let's say three quarters of the way through, because "the end" is a gigantic, mountainous, Everest-ian  piece of writing with lots of beginnings, mixed in. (There is a sequel in my mind...) So it is no small matter to "be in the home stretch" as they say because whatever "home" they are refering to is a three-story log mansion with endless rooms, attics, stairways and parapets. And it ain't on easy street either.

So...onward I wrote, ignoring all other siren calls from the likes of art, music, or any other kind of writing. I had a rather intense affair with facebook, but now I believe I have FINALLY quit him, So, after swearing off all others and declaring myself siren-free, what could possibly have made me pick up this long-stale, broken train of thought called MY BLOG again?

It is this. I've come to the conclusion that in addition to my main project of the day (ie: the book, or the art, and in the past, the band) I  need a little world of my own to decorate. Like a shop window or a studio apartment, or even just a shelf that nobody else uses, I need a place to tidy, to spruce, to bring shiny things in and arrange them in a pleasing manner in my nest. Like a crow.

Facebook definitely does not work for this. The perfect little world you try to create is instantly inundated and polluted with all sorts of terrible, jarring, downright shocking and JUST PLAIN DRAB random posts. Truthfully, I did enjoy it, for some time. It provided a place to connect with other communities without all the trouble of moving one's body around town, finding parking, sweating, back hurting, clothes bunching, and attending a meeting (oh the horror). It's also a fab window into my friend's lives, and they have some reeeeallly cute kids. On facebook I could also do a lot of activism. Click and share has never done so much good for the world before! Endless petitions and emails to send here and there, to do one's best to stop the deadly corporate predators and save the world.

But....try as you might to rearrange all the shiny things in the facebook nest, you can never achieve the perfect world you seek. The dreaded "feed" --  the river of this and that -- the tsunami of triviality and horrific cruelty (with islands of cute kids and animals) -- consumes the fragile thing you have put forth and swallows it whole. And replaces it with something else that might be so ugly or hateful that you can never forget it. This will just not do. The mind is nervous enough without relentless little shocks, all day long. It makes the crow inside me very anxious. It needs a place to rest, and to decorate a little.

And so...I have returned to the blog. Hello little blog. Kiss.
Mon chere Liberte, Egalite, Fraternite.

Here is where I can rearrange the shiny pieces to my heart's content, and it will look exactly the same when I return. Here is where I can shamelessly write for anyone who enjoys reading more than 125 characters at a time. This is my room, my window, my nest.

So welcome to my nest. Or welcome back, as the case may be. Enjoy yourself, sit down, pull up a tufted cushion and have a plate of vegan cookies. I'll get the coffee going. It's going to be A KICK ASS DAY. 


Stephilius said…
I totally GET all of that, about FB and all. And how exciting about "the novel"!
Diane said…
Yes, Stephen I'm excited to finish it and illustrate it and send it out into the world. I can see why some people only write one book in their lives, it's such a learning process by the time you finish it you are a better writer than when you started and so you have to rewrite it. :) I am already so much preferring this method of communication to facebook. Thank you for being my first commenter. I will read your blog much more often now I'm not distracted by you know what. Hooray for blogs, eh?