A Virtual Stroll

Is it laziness, is it boredom, is it simply evolution? I seem to have given up good ol' blogspot.com like I gave up dairy products ten years ago. Effortlessly, shamelessly.
But it does needle me at times, remembering this once-fun and now-neglected forum, and I think, what's your problem, girl? Get off your ass and write!

But I do write, of course, just elsewhere. I am writing a book, as a matter of fact.
I have spent five and half years blogging here, and now my attention is distracted by the likes of tumblr, pinterest, and of course facebook. It doesn't help that these things are a large part of my job, promoting the fabulous boutique Melange that I work for. It's also very addictive, like this blog used to be, the social network sites have become the greatest way to self-publish as well as self-worship. Remember "Desktop Publishing" where you learned how to xerox things, and cut and paste? Now you can create your own gorgeous online magazine with a few clicks and downloads. You can film an award-winning documentary on your phone! You can record an album on your laptop, make cover art, and publish it all by yourself. Crazy!

Whether I'm deluding myself that I'm riding the wave of the future, or whether writing in smaller sound bites is just plain easier, I'm obviously not here very often. Please DO visit me, however at my new favorite virtual place, tumblr, and check out my job's blog "me in melange" which I write along with my coworkers.

I will still post on this blog, however sporadically, so keep it bookmarked just for a lark!