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Showing posts from December 30, 2011

Urbi et Orbi

"Urbi et Orbi" is Latin for "to the city and to the world" which was the title for the Pope's Christmas message this year. On this ever-shrinking planet I think it is an apt title for communication in general. A single tweet is global, no? This little blog may be one person's perspective, but putting it on the web is a message to the world.

We Rioses got out of town this Christmas. We are fresh back from our holiday exploring some urbi and some orbi, Palm Springs and Disneyland in particular. And, may I say that a healthy dose of California desert certainly does a body good!

Not to say that we didn't get our fill of the Northwest Christmas thing before we left. Christmas just doesn't seem like christmas without frosty pine trees and cozy white lights, hot toddies and dinner at the Sapphire Hotel. We just did all that a bit early. Personally, I began the xmas season in October. I don't really care for halloween, (so tacky!), so I pretty much i…