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Showing posts from November 9, 2011

Vita Incantatum (Enchanted Life)

Well, HELLO FALL! In all your glorious color and whirling leaves! The west hills are dotted with crimson and gold, the sidewalks of Laurelhurst are tunnels of yellow, orange and bronze. The top of Mt. Tabor is swept by clean wind and the whistles of pine trees! Portland makes me wax poetic!

I've been away, living a bit of life, but have missed chronicling the beauty that I encounter every single day here in this incredible city. I think Portland must be one of the world's most beautiful places, even if it is like living in a college dorm sometimes.

Since I left Powell's books last March, I have reveled in my new life, away from customers, away from oppressive work schedules, and writing every day. I love my new job at Melange, it is creative and super-fun. I get to photoshop fashionable inventory onto their website which is like playing a clothing video game. I get to describe each beautiful piece in a quick, powerful little vignette...a fashion fantasy woven to create t…