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Showing posts from August 8, 2011

Avenue of the Stars

The funny, rolling street known as Santa Monica Boulevard playfully stretches between the Pacific Ocean, and my destination, Century City. Century City, Avenue of the Stars. It sounds like a place in a Love and Rockets comic book, but this time around it's where Greg took the California Bar Exam.

The test was held over 3 days, so we both went and I had the pleasure of driving him to and from the Plaza Hotel each day. It really was a pleasure! The rental car was smooth and new, the road in the morning was deserted except for seagulls and palmtrees (and that ONE guy with the plastic bags wrapped around his bike and his head!) We stopped in Westwood for a coffee and a bagel before anyone else was up, and walked around amongst the huge jade plants and silent shops. It was postiively serene!

  Although the trip was peppered with some stress, it was also a lovely adventure by the sea. Our little 50's hotel The Bayside was beachfront. Literally steps from the water. And they provi…