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Oswald = Oregon

In my opinion my old band Oswald Five-O really embodied the heart of Oregon. Raised under the pine trees and along the coastline of Astoria, Robert Christie was steeped in the rhythm of Oregon's natural world. His father ran a tree farm. His older brothers and sisters sang Johnny Cash to Robert, and he cut his teenage teeth on old country and punk rock. Moving to Eugene in 1984 to attend the U of O, Robert started playing music. Eventually, he joined with the greatest guitar player in the world, Nick Tucker, and the luckiest girl in the world, me, and we formed the 3-piece rock band, Oswald Five-O.

We all wrote songs, and Nick and I sang them, but it was Robert who wrote the songs that mattered. To me, his songs were as great as any I'd ever heard. Other northwest bands of the time had similar heart, grit and brotherhood, not to mention that huge, rough guitar and livid drum sounds, bands such as Crackerbash, Snakepit, Dead Moon and the Wipers, and to me, Oswald belonged to t…