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Showing posts from May 13, 2011

Springtime for Portland

Ok, I'll tell you right now, the weather has sucked! (I'm grateful there is no flooding, tornados, earthquakes and nuclear meltdowns, yes I am. But this cold wet winter-in May!- is dragging down MY SOUL.) So...the first chance we got, Mr. Rios and I took Darling Faye on a walk in northwest, soaking in some fleeting sunshine and falling cherry blossoms.

  As always, walking through those incredibly stately hillside neighborhoods, under the mature and newly-leafed trees and emerald green ferns, overlooking the city from on positively therapeutic. Portland is  gorgeous from the hills to the river. I will never tire of walking through this place, in all kinds of weather (ok, I do tire of walking through freezing rain, I do.)  It really is a bit of heaven on earth!

Faye played with an hilarious boxer at the dog park, and we saw this funny sign on the street, all the funnier when we realized that someone ignored it completely.