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Showing posts from April 26, 2011


A positively MEDICINAL day!  68 degrees in town, and a gorgeous warm drive all the way to the coast! Mr. Rios and I took a day trip to Astoria, home of our friends the Christies, and went out to lunch with John Christie and his son Pierce. A brilliant blue sky and wheeling gulls carried my city troubles away and we soaked up the warmth along with the rest of the world. Astoria was beautiful as always, the victorian houses twinkling on the hillside and the enormous log ships loading at the docks. Sailboats and barges went by and we stopped under the huge bridge to watch.
 At John's farm we sat on the porch and let the happy cats keep us company in the sun, listening to the newly-hatched bugs buzz in the grass.  So peaceful!!! Thank you John!