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Showing posts from April 19, 2011

Poncho in the Pearl

Ordinarily this post would go on my fashion blog A-Line: Life Stylist. But because it is mostly about the Pearl, not the poncho, I will put it here. The weather in Portland has been SO INCREDIBLY SUCKY for so long, that when we got a sunny day last week I leaped into the car and took Darling Faye down to the beautiful Pearl district for a walk. And a coffee. 

I LOVE THE PEARL! I don't care if it's gentrified and filled with yuppies, it is BEAUTIFUL!!! At the very end of 10th street, just past my favorite bakery the Lovejoy Bakery, and just past one of my favorite little parks, Tanner Springs Park, is a huge dog park, under the Freemont Bridge. There are lovely, modern glass condos all around, but this giant open space just breathes fresh air into the residential neighborhood. The sun was shining, the cars windows were twinkling as they crossed the bridge, and Faye and I took in the beautiful juxtoposition of old industrial buildings and brand new, shiny development together. I…