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Showing posts from April 11, 2011

Super Stars

My daughter goes to the COOLEST MIDDLE SCHOOL ever, Da Vinci Arts Middle School. And because of this happy fact we are privy to some of the BEST PERFORMANCES middle school can offer! For example, this amazing, professional, beautifully-designed, staged and choreographed production of "Once Upon A Mattress" this weekend. Wow! What talent!

  Anyone with kids knows that school productions can be iffy affairs. Especially middle school productions. But this one was auditioned and vigorously rehearsed and it was impeccable.  Brilliant, even! The lead actors were so good, especially the girl who played the princess "Fred", she brought so much warmth to the role, it was way beyond her tender years of maybe 13. She could really sing, really dance, and really brought the house down. All the kids on stage were great! Take a look at these videos, they will knock you out! Remember, they're all 11-13 years old!!!!

Mr. Rios and I volunteered at the concession stand. We were a…