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Showing posts from March 30, 2011

Portland House Series: SE Lincoln st.

Portland is chock-full of works of art you can live in. It is truly amazing how many gorgeous, solid 100+ year-old craftsman houses fill this fair city, making it even more fair! Neighborhood after neighborhood in all 4 quadrants of the city are filled with different beautifully designed craftsman houses! Also gorgeous old houses in the Victorian, farmhouse and Federal styles! I walk every day of the week with Darling Faye through many of these neighborhoods, and between the ancient, mossy, huge amazing TREES to the stunning OLD HOUSES, I am blown away!!!!!!!!!
  I've decided to make a few prints of the wonderful houses -- concentrate on the shapes and blocks of color they display so proudly. Honestly, the Museum of Life is best though, do yourself a favor and take a long walk through the SE Hawthorne/Division neighborhood.  The different architectural elements in the porch designs, or eaves, or chimneys are truly charming!