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Love Cannon

I DO love Cannon Beach! Somehow Mr. Rios and I were able to get the heck out of town and spend 3 beautiful ( and sometimes stormy ) days at the dazzling Oregon coast. Without child and with dog.

(See "A-line" for a discussion of my coast trip style issues.)
 "The Inn at Cannon Beach" is our favorite dog-friendly hotel situated on the south side of Cannon Beach, away from the main tourist strip. The hotel is beautiful -- wood paneled, modern glass sculptures, cozy fireplaces, and awesome cookies in the lobby! It's also immaculately clean, has a great DVD rental list, views of the ocean, and a courtyard complete with fairy lights and koi pond. The whole neighborhood is great, lots of beautiful new beach houses that have great design, cute little markets and coffee shops, it's changed a lot recently and looks wonderful. Now I just need to get rid of my fear of tsunamis. I'm constantly noting where the "tsunami evacuation route" signs are p…