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Showing posts from March 21, 2011

A Morning on Top of the World (and in the loving arms of Gouda cheeze)

Well little did I know what delightful adventure awaited me the day before yesterday when I woke up at 5am! (cat walking on me, demanding breakfast.)

  Saturday was the opening day of the Portland Farmer's Market  near Portland State University. It was a beautfiul morning after weeks of rain, and I was planning on visiting my friend Dave Adamshick, social networking guru of the Market. Dave wanted to introduce me to one of the market's newest vendors "Heidi Ho Organics" a local vegan food company that reportedly made a delicious vegan cheeze.  This challenging assertion intrigued me -- would their product stand up to my taste test? They must have pleased the Market taste testers in order to become a vendor, but I'm really picky.
Dave had asked me to write a profile on this new vendor for the market's website, understanding that I might have a special passion and interest in this difficult vegan undertaking, and might have a better perspective than a dairy-…