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Merci mille fois and a thousand more thanks to Gigi Little, marketing maven at Powell's Books.  She has so kindly shown the Powell's Employee Spotlight on myself and my work.  Displayed on the mezzanine, right outside the blue room, my wall of infamy is bright and bold.  Gigi is a wonderful writer herself and has a blog here "Ut Omnia Bene". It includes the interview below, and has all kinds of other points of interest, regarding writing, art and la vie a Portland!

Gigi: How long have you worked at Powell’s?

DR: I’ve worked at Powell’s for 2 ½ years now! I started as a cashier, then moved to a Generalist position, and am now in charge of the French section. I post a blog on about the most interesting French books both new and out of print that come into the store.

me: Has working at Powell’s or being around books had an influence on your art?

DR: Oh yes, I’ve made several prints of Powell’s itself, and am constantly inspired by the books and what t…