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Showing posts from January 20, 2011

A Fierce Desire

Transformation. That's what life is, what no one can stop. Over millennia life adapts, its constant river swirls around obstacles put in its path to form new shapes, new ways to keep living. It's amazing. And no less on a more minute scale. In our own particular little tiny slice of life I am watching my daughter evolve. Cora turned 13 yesterday. I am astounded when I look at her, eye to eye, she's every bit as tall as I am. Her astute assessment of the world around her, her wry commentaries on society, her kindness to her friends. She is evolving at a lightning speed. The world is lucky to have her, it is a better place with her in it.  Although she has her own obstacles in her life's path, her own lessons to learn and temptations to resist, I see her river already swirling around them.