Life in the Goldilocks Zone

Here's a RATHER AMAZING DISCOVERY. Kepler 22b. A planet discovered in the "Goldilocks Zone"or the habitable zone near a sun-like star, that is a little more than two times the size of earth, has a surface temperature in the mid '70's and quite possibly could contain water and resources that sustain life. There could already be life there.
 Space exploration has always fascinated and frightened me. I love the beauty and mystery of space, and I relish the proof to humanity that it is absolutely inconsequential in the face of mother nature,but I fear our desperate need to inhabit other worlds, and laying waste to them as we have to our own magnificent planet.
   For magnificent it is. If we found even one single plant on another planet it would move us to exhilaration. But what of the plentitude of stunningly complex, sophisticated, brilliantly adapted species we already have? Some of the universe's most amazing creatures live right here. Some of the most colorful, impressive and truly wonderous displays of life are right in front of us! And we're killing them!
  I love space. I love the ocean. I am enchanted by large, uncharted, wild and completely natural environments. I feel to proud to be a bit of nature, myself, even if I do happen to be a stupid human. Whenever my time does come to rejoin the infinite, I will be grateful to have had my eyes open to the beauty of my world.
  here is a bit of one of my all-time favorite series, Planet Earth:

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