The Sultry of Summer

Well, it's been glorious, I must say. My sun-starved soul has quieted its hungry mewlings. I have finally warmed my cold skin to the bone and strolled to my heart's content along summer sidewalks. I have even walked barefoot on a dirt path strewn with straw. The breezes are absolutely delicious, the lush green leaves of Portland's old trees are waving, and the birds are delirious with joy.

Part of my new-found zen is the fact that the 13 year-old is off camping with a friend for a week. I work from home so the house is completely peaceful. Bring on the sunshine and I am cranking up the Pandora radio and getting organized! My house is nearly spotless. I have sorted all of my books (lots), cleaned all the bookcases, took things to sell and to give away, and put only the best back in lovely, artful display. (sigh.) I have sorted every scrap of art I've made over the last 20 years, and recycled an entire can's worth of paper. I am  looking at light, clean spaces, watching the warm summer breeze catch the sheer curtains near the bookshelf, sparkling. It's awesome!
 Greg has been home for 3 days, studying for the California Bar he is taking in July. Because we have no parenting to do, we can take breaks and bike ride through these beautiful streets. We can grab lunch at a cart. We can bar-b-que (twice!) in the backyard with beers and Faye, and romantic chatter.

 So, if I am distracted from blogging., it is because I am floating on a summer cloud, and will only look earthward occasionally, reporting what I see. Expect energetic bursts of archiving, and spells of silence.

  I am turning 45 years old July 8th, and I'm so proud of myself! Look at me so adult! Such a lady. When I was 14 I tried to imagine what I would look like as a "real" grownup, someone middle-aged. It wasn't pretty a pretty picture. Happily, I do look better than I feared I would, but the Middle Aged Look is unavoidable, even if you're Ali McGraw. So...whatever! I'll rock it! In an age-appropriate manner of course!