Noble Steeds

Today is Derby Day. A real big deal for some, but a day of stress in an uncertain life of over-training, injury and an early death for many. Horse racing is a dangerous and cruel sport and should be outlawed. The horses are given drugs and forced to train hard at too young of an age for their bodies to stay healthy. They are slaughtered as soon as their productivity goes down, and some die in agony on the track. 

That said, I did get a (somewhat bitter) kick out of reading the names of the Thoroughbreds running the 137th Run for the Roses this afternoon. Naming Thoroughbreds is pretty easy, evidently. Just pick any random, insane non-sequiter and register it. For example here are some of the horses going to the post today:

Stay Thirsty
Comma to the Top
Pants on Fire
Dialed In
Brilliant Speed
Twice the Appeal
Decisive Moment
Derby Kitten
Master of Hounds
Mucho Macho Man
Shackleford ( I like that one!)
Midnight Interlude
Animal Kingdom (WTF?)
Watch Me Go (that's what my toddler used to say to me when she was potty training!)

These names do not belong on a high-strung master athelete, a noble steed that gives its heart (and sometimes its life) to achieve glory for their stables. These names are a joke and an insult in my opinion. They're like names of boats, not beautiful, glorious horses!

"A horse loves freedom, and the weariest old work horse will roll on the ground or break into a lumbering gallop when he is turned loose into the open."  ~Gerald Raferty