Middle School? They Got This.

Usually when one thinks of Middle School one remembers a time of awkward angst, peppered with waves of false bravado, layered with self-consciousness. But if you go to a Da Vinci Arts Middle School performance, one of the many full-scale, intensively rehearsed productions they put on throughout the year, you'll think differently!
  The annual Spring Dance Concert is sold out every year. This is the demonstration by the students in all dance classes, from the newly inducted dance 1 students to the skilled and experienced dance 4 students. This was my daughter Cora's first big dance performance, and she was awesome!!!

Check out this beautiful dance -- all by boys! Remember, these boys are all 12-14 years old. The whole show is incredible. Poetic pieces, avant garde choreography that tells stories... stories of teen age feelings and experiences. Stories about awkwardness, false bravado, and self-consciousness, but told with all the grace and uninhibited expression you would expect from adults, not 13 year-olds. They are truly amazing, the kids. In costume, boys, girls, dancing together with their arms around each others waists, unembarrassed, focused, lifting each other in difficult moves, trusting each other, watching each other risk vulnerability, and watching each other shine like stars. It's very touching, it moves us all to tears. The kids seem older than we are.

  My daughter is finishing up 7th grade. She is a long, lean, girl with a great sense of humor (and cool aviator sunglasses) and an eager attitude about the future. She works hard at her acting and dancing. She's becoming so independent--walking down Hawthorne to get pizza with her friends, shopping at Buffalo Exchange and coming home to show me her purchases. She's even asking for weak coffee and soy milk in the morning! It's happening too fast on the one hand, and on the other it's like a beautiful time-lapse photography, watching her morph into an amazing woman.
 A teenage girl is an awesome force of nature, mostly for the good, but I understand why some parents become fond of a daily glass of wine. Although if I was drinking wine when things got challenging, it wouldn't help. The power that comes out of these kids, when they are frustrated or pushed to do something they don't want to do, is frightening. I'd like to time-lapse right past all of that! 
  Meanwhile, I am privileged to be a witness to these amazing moments of beauty and artful motion. Go kids, go!


Anonymous said…
As the mother of a 15 year old son who is in his own rite an amazing force; tall, lanky, hormonal and creative, loving and brave...it's definitely challenging but also, as you said- a privilege.