Mother. Nature. New York City.

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Live from New York! A splendid, beautiful live hawk cam from the top of the Bobst Library, the 12th-floor window ledge outside of the office of the president of New York University. Two beautiful, wild red-tailed hawks make their nest and sit on their eggs. Watching this reminds me of the fullness of time. The softly ruffling feathers in the wind. The gentleness of the nest. The sense of duty and of anticipation. It's a connection to nature we're lucky to have, ironically thanks to fiber optics.


Stephilius said…
Love your banner photo. You two are too cute! Paris, yes? Jardin du Luxembourg? The mister is so stylin', but I must say that I like your current brows better. :)
Diane said…
Papa bird ( I think ) just brought Mama a big piece of newspaper! It was flapping around her and she tried to tear it with her beak and work it into the nest, but couldn't quite do it. It covered her head and then her body like a blanket for a few minutes, and the story about the serial killer was splashed across the screen..."Hudson River Horror", etc. Then it blew away. Weird!