The title don't lie. Michael Jackson's final film "This is It" tells the simple, brilliant, devastating truth. And ironically, it's in this masterpiece finale that I finally fall in love with Michael Jackson. Of course I love the Jackson 5 hits, and "Billie Jean" and a couple of other hits from that era, but I never cared for"Thriller", and anything released after that was just boring! Too 80's! No soul!  But this amazing show-- these shows that would have been, are sheer genius.
   Post child-scandals, post baby-dangling, post drug-addled court appearances, and rumors gone wild, Michael Jackson shows up for rehearsal after rehearsal, totally together. Totally on and inspired, even at half-voice for rehearsal. He is faultlessly coordinated, soulful, perfect. His dancers ROCK. The film version of Thriller is beyond wonderful, the incredible costume design and coreography kicks the old Thriller's ASS, in my opinion. It's a funky fantasy that's totally modern and hip.
I dare you to watch this movie and not bust at least ONE move.